The Advice You Need From Your South Austin Apartments

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CityView at SoCo Austin apartments is an ideal community for new Austin residents. Our pool provides a great space for meeting new people, and living on South Congress is a great way to get to know the city. Plus, we’re within walking distance of Austin’s most famous landmarks like Lady Bird Lake, the Stevie Ray Vaughn statue, and the bats under the Congress Avenue Bridge. Of course, those places can get crowded. With all these famous places nearby, you’re bound to run into a tourist or two (or 200) every once in awhile.  


The CityView staff is here to help our residents get accustomed to life in their new neighborhood. Here is your official guide to dealing with tourists on South Congress. Thankfully, living somewhere with so many tourists does have its benefits. After all, the tourists are here for a reason; South Congress is one of this country’s truly unique streets.


Out of towners love the nearby lodging options like Hotel San Jose and the South Congress Hotel. However, CityView residents get to enjoy those places without paying for a room. Plus, tourists are only here for a week or a weekend, but you get to live right down the road. On the other hand, tourists do cause lines, long waits at restaurants and are known to clog the sidewalks with their segways.  


We still love living here, and we’ll take all the benefits if it means we have to put up with a few more people on the streets. It’s all part of living in apartments in south Austin. There aren’t too many people that can say they live where people go on vacation.


So, here are some tips for dealing with tourists when all you want is to walk to Jo’s in your pajamas for a breakfast taco.


1. Throw on headphones so no one asks you for directions


Giving directions is hard, we can all admit that. Even if you do know where to direct someone, it's easy to mix up left and right or north and south when you’re caught off guard by a question. We’ve all been there. How bad do you feel when you realize you just gave someone completely wrong directions? Wearing headphones avoids the situation entirely.


2. Stay far away from Segways


Lets face it, no one has ever been “really good” at riding a segway. It’s not like riding a bike; you don’t just pick it up and take off. This is especially true for tourists who are renting one for 4 hours so they can see South Congress avenue without getting exhausted. If you see a segway coming down the sidewalk, the best move is to step aside and let it pass. Nothing is more dangerous than a tourist on a segway.


3. Order your favorite restaurants To-Go.


While tourists are waiting in line, you can have your food and eat back at our south Austin apartments. If it’s brunch time or after 5pm, places like Hopdoddy, Torchy’s and South Congress Cafe will usually have a line out the door. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of food-delivery apps in Austin. You’ve got UberEats, Favor, GrubHub, Postmates and a dozen more services that will bring your food to your house. Some of them will even wait in line for your food at busy restaurants. Just remember to tip these hard working food delivery people. They’ve out there waiting so you don’t have to.

Thanks for reading the second edition of the our blog. We’ll be back next month with more tips, events and restaurant reviews. Also, don’t forget to follow us on social media for the latest news from CityView at SoCo Austin apartments.

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