The Brunch Guide from your Apartments in South Austin

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You could fill entire books with reviews of all the brunch spots near CityView at SoCo Austin apartments. Fortunately for you, we're not going to make you read a book just so you can figure out where to go to brunch this weekend. In fact, we’ve only got 600 words for you. Within this 600-word blog post, however, lies enough info to convince you that these four restaurants are the top brunch destinations in Austin.


Ask around, and it’s unlikely that you’ll get your friends to come to a consensus on the best brunch restaurant in town. Some people prefer lively rooftops, others prefer quiet places with white tablecloths and crystal mimosa glasses. Some people want nothing but BBQ, others want to try dishes they’ve never heard of before. No matter where you fall on the brunch spectrum, we think you’ll find a suitable brunch spot on the list below.


So, check out the list of top-tier brunch destinations in Austin, and be sure to share this post with your brunch-loving friends at your community of apartments in South Austin.


Odd Duck


Grilled peaches, anyone? How about duck egg skillet? Odd Duck is the ideal spot for the adventurous brunch-goer. The food is a little out there, but it’s still tasty and filling. If you read through the reviews on Yelp, you’ll quickly realize that people lose their minds over this place.


Bouldin Creek Cafe


Bouldin Creek Cafe is known for having awesome brunch options for vegetarians. Yelp reviewers heap praise upon the eggs benedict and the tamales. We would also advise residents to try the breakfast tacos, which are good no matter your dietary choices. Be sure to get an order of the Bouldin Creek Citrus Guacamole for the table, because we’ve never tasted guac like this before. If you’re vegan, or you have vegan friends visiting you from out of town, it’s hard to beat the vegan fare at Bouldin Creek Cafe.


Josephine House


Any restaurant with a brunch burger is a good one in our book, and Josephine House has one of Austin’s best versions of this tasty brunch dish. Josephine House is super popular, so go early or late if you want to avoid waiting in line. That being said, Josephine is popular for a reason; the setting is lovely, and the food is of the utmost quality. We highly recommend the drinks at Josephine House as well, especially the vanilla lattes and the almond milk lattes.




It doesn’t get much more Texan than Freedman’s; a barbecue joint located inside a historic wood building near the University of Texas. True Austin BBQ lovers will be familiar with the phrase, “bark on the brisket,” and the bark at Freedman’s is out-of-this world. When we say bark, we’re referring to the edge of the brisket, which is often the only crispy part of the meat. It’s also the part of the meat that contains a lot of the flavor. Freedman’s knows that, and they make their brisket with a real nice bark.


Those are all the brunch suggestions for this week, residents! Thanks for reading the Brunch Blog for CityView at SoCo. We hope that one of these brunch restaurants becomes your new go-to spot on Sunday mornings. If you’re interested in reading more about new restaurants, cafes and other eateries in Austin, we encourage you to check this page again in a couple weeks when our next blog goes live. Also, be sure to follow CityView at SoCo on social media! There’s no better way to keep yourself informed about everything happening at CityView — the community of South Congress apartments Austin residents prefer.

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