Top-Rated Pizza Spots near your SoCo Austin Apartments

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If you don’t know which number to call when you want amazing pizza delivered to your apartments in South Austin, this blog is for you. In the post below, we’ll be talking about four of the top-rated pizza joints in the neighborhood. These are the pizza restaurants Austin residents turn to when they don’t feel like cooking, going out to eat, or going to the grocery store. Next time you’re in need of hot pizza at a moment’s notice, check these places out.


When you’re done reading through the list of pizza joints below, please be sure to share the link to this page with your friends and neighbors at your community of SoCo Austin apartments! You never know who might be eating subpar pizza, and you could be the one to help them change that.


TOSS Pizzeria and Pub


Not only does TOSS Pizzeria and Pub have an awesome patio that’s perfect for friends and dogs, but the pizza is delicious as well. They've got a great location down on South First Street, and although it’s a little hard to find parking most nights, it’s worth it to drive around until you do. TOSS has a ping pong table out back along with lawn games, so bring a crew and enjoy some ‘za next time you’re in the mood for thin crust. Their carbonara pizza is especially delicious, and their meatballs platter makes for a great appetizer.


Southside Flying Pizza


Sometimes, all you want in a pizza place is a chill atmosphere and some greasy food. That’s what you’ll get at Southside Flying Pizza, but the pizza is greasy in the best way. This place isn’t quite as affordable as one of the pizza chains you’re probably used to ordering from, but their pizza is about 1000x better. If you end up ordering a slice in the store instead of getting an entire pie delivered, you’ll be glad to learn that Southside Flying Pizza is super generous with their single-serve slices. The toppings are thick and plentiful, and the pizza itself is out-of-this-world good.


Austin Pizza — South Lamar


In our opinion, this is the best pizza in Austin. It’s the perfect balance between greasy and healthy, and they’ve got tons of variety in terms of the specialty pizzas that they offer. Austin Pizza even has gluten-free options! Once you try this place, you’ll be hooked. They deliver super quickly too, which is a kind of a rarity for any pizza place in Austin that isn’t a big chain. If you need to eat something besides a pizza, go for the pizza rolls. These aren’t you standard frozen pizza rolls — we promise.


Those are all the pizza places we’ve got to talk about this week, residents! We’ll be back next month with another brand new blog for y’all, so be sure to bookmark this page so you can be among the first to read our next post! We’d like to take this moment to thank those of you that have taken some time out of your busy schedules to read the latest blog post from CityView at SoCo, and we hope that you get the chance to try some of the pizza joints on this list in the near future!


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