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As the most conveniently-located community of apartments in South Austin, we attract a lot of people who move here from out of state. If you’re new in town, you’d be hard pressed to find a better place to live. We’re close to downtown, close to the culture on South Congress, and close to the outdoor activities at Zilker Park and on Lady Bird Lake.


Because of this location, a lot of people move here first then figure out the job situation later. If that sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place. In this week’s post, we’ll be telling residents how to improve their resumes, make their applications stand out, and leverage their experience to land jobs.


Without further delay, let’s dive right into the post! Oh, and when you’re done reading through it, please be sure to share the link to this page with your friends and neighbors at your community of apartments in South Austin.


Use Keywords


Yes, even resumes need to be search-friendly. If you’re applying to a job at a major corporation, it’s likely that your resume will be reviewed by a software before it ever gets in front of a human. You’re going to have to design your resume to get through the software if you want to get noticed.


Luckily, it’s easy to know which words to include because they’re right there in the job description! You should be tailoring your resume every time you apply to a new position by inserting some of the keywords from the job description. The more often you tailor your resume, the better your odds of getting through the software screening process.


Add a hint of design


The last thing you want is for your resume to be indistinguishable from all the other resumes that the hiring manager is having to go through. We recommend adding a hint of color or a bit of background design to let your resume stand out with making it difficult to read. Too much color is definitely a bad thing, but a dark blue or subtle maroon can make your resume look interesting without being overwhelming.  


Put the important info up top


Go to your inbox and look at the last promotional email you received. Notice how all the relevant information is within the top-third of the email? That’s not an accident. The same principle holds true for web pages, and it help companies get their point across in the shortest amount of time.


We recommend putting your most important information at the top of your resume. The hiring manager will be looking at hundreds of resumes, and it’s unlikely that they take the time to read all the way to the bottom of every resume. If the job requires a certain degree, put that degree near the top. If the job requires certain skills, put those skills near the top or on a sidebar!


With that, we’ve reached the end of our list of resume tips! As always, we greatly appreciate those of you that have been coming back week after week to read every installment in our blog series. We hope that the tips above help you nail your next job application and land that dream gig.

We’ll be back soon with another brand new post, so please be sure to bookmark our blogs page so you can easily check back when our next blog goes live on the site! Until then, you can stay up to date with everything happening at your apartments in South Austin by following us on social media. That’s the fastest, easiest way to ensure you’re among the first to know about resident events, promotions and giveaways going on at CityView at SoCo.

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