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Welcome to another edition of the CityView blog! We’re excited to welcome all the new residents at CityView at South Congress apartments. Now that you’re here, you’re probably thinking about how you’re going to decorate your new place. Don’t worry — we’ve got your covered. No matter what kind of style you’re imagining for your new place, the decor ideas in this week’s blog.


The post below is filled with rules that one should follow when decorating a new apartment. By following these rules, you’ll be able to create your own space while still maximizing your available space. Now that we’ve prepared you for the post, let’s get right to it! Oh, and when you’re done reading it, please feel free to share the link to this page with your friends and neighbors at CityView — the South Congress apartments Austin residents love.


Choose lighter colors


The lighter your decor, the more spacious your apartment will look. Dark colors are nice and cozy but they don’t do anything in terms of creating the illusion of extra space. When you’re decorating your new place, be sure to include plenty of light colors and opportunities for natural light to bounce around the room.


Decorate your corners


People often forget about the corners in their apartment, but you can maximize your space by investing in corner-specific furniture. Whether it’s a small chair, a bean bag, or a triangle-shaped bookshelf, making use of your corner space is one of the best ways to create a comfortable apartment.


Pay attention to furniture scale


It’s tempting to buy a huge sectional couch when you first move into your place. You can imagine how comfortable it’ll be, and you might have just enough room to squeeze it into your space. However, big furniture purchases lead to other big furniture purchases. That big couch will look silly next to a tiny coffee table, so you’ll end up buying a big table too. Before you know it, you’ll be all out of floor space. Keep this in mind when you’re buying your main furniture pieces!


Go with glass


Keeping sightlines open is one of the best things you can do to make your apartment seem open and spacious. Instead of buying wood and metal tables, try experimenting with a glass look. Instead of blocking your sightlines, the glass will open up your visual space. The one downside is that you’ll have to clean the glass more often than you would normally clean your coffee tables. However, we think the feeling of openness is worth it.


With that, we’ve hit the end of our list of decor ideas! We want to take this moment to thank you for spending some time with us here on the CityView at SoCo blogs page, and we hope that you’ll come back in a couple weeks when our next post goes live on the site. Also, please be sure to share some photos with us on social media if you decide to use any of the decor ideas above!

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