Restaurant Reviews from your South Congress Apartments

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Your favorite community of South Congress apartments is back with another brand new blog post, and this week we’re talking about everyone’s favorite subject; food! More specifically, we’re talking about the food that’s on South Congress. It’s not hard to find good food on South Congress, but not all South Congress restaurants are created equal. We combed through Yelp reviews to find out which restaurants get the best reviews, and we’re sharing those reviews with your below.


No longer do you have to physically walk into a restaurant to find out if it’s good. Now, you can just check the Yelp ratings to ensure you never have a bad restaurant experience ever again. Find out which eateries are drawing rave reviews by reading this week’s blog. When you’re done reading through it, go ahead and share the link to this page with your friends and neighbors at CityView — the South Congress apartments Austin residents choose for luxury living.


Arlo Grey


“One thing that especially stood out to me was how much the servers seem to respect the chef. I've only experienced that at maybe one or two other restaurants, where the staff just seems proud to work for the chef and is excited to talk about the food.”


— Allie R.


This is yet another Austin restaurant that’s run by a Top Chef winner, and like all the other ones, this one is amazing. Arlo Grey has some delicious meals like pork ragu gnocchi and wagyu burgers and those simple phrases don’t even begin to describe how phenomenal those meals are. Check this place out — located just across the bridge — next time you’re in the mood for a top flight meal.


Cafe No Se


“In a city full of preciously cute restaurants, Café No Sé has the friendly service and full-flavored food to set it apart.”


— Stefanie Y.


Despite the name, Cafe No Se is much more than a coffee shop/cafe. This place is good for brunch, good for lunch, and good for any meal in between. It’s located under the South Congress cafe, and it’s every bit as cute and adorable as the above reviewer says it is. Be sure to try the avocado toast while you’re there!




The best thing about Botticelli’s is the happy hour. You can walk on down to their back patio and feel like you’re in someone’s backyard. They have specials on beer, wine, and their delicious bread plates. The authentic Italian bread is covered in cheese and comes with delicious dipping sauces. Botticelli’s does a great job of serving high-end Italian food without being stuffy or overpriced.




We’re all out of restaurant reviews for this week, residents! We’re so glad you were able to join us for the latest blog post, and we hope you’ll come back to read the next post when it goes live! As always, we hope that you learned a little something from this week’s post, and that you get the chance to try some of these awesome eateries in the near future.


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