Outdoor Activity Tips from your South Congress Apartments

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Living in a community of South Congress apartments means living near incredible outdoor activity destinations like Town Lake, Zilker Park and the Barton Creek Greenbelt. Those are three of the more well-known Austin outdoor spaces, but there are dozens more hiding in plain sight. We love living here and exploring the great outdoors, which is why we’re so excited to talk about two of our favorite outdoor activities in this week’s blog post!


Below, you’ll find info on two of our favorite outdoor activities in Austin. Now that the weather has cooled down, it’s easier than ever to find motivation to get outside. We understand why you’d want to stay in your air conditioned apartment all summer long, but you can no longer use the sweltering heat as an excuse. So, grab your four-legged friend, throw on some hiking boots and check out some of the outdoor activities on the list below! Oh, and when you’re done reading through this post, please be sure to share the link to this page with your friends and neighbors at The Muse — the South Congress apartments Austin residents choose for upscale living in the heart of the city.  


Hike from Zilker to Spyglass for breakfast tacos


One of the best ways to kick off a Saturday in Austin is to make the 1.5 mile hike from Barton Springs Pool to the TacoDeli outside the Spyglass Greenbelt entrance. The trail starts out relatively clear and easy, offering a sun-filled walk into the heart of the Greenbelt. Once you head into the forested area, the trail gets a bit more rocky as it follows the creek. When the weather is dry, you can walk in the actual creekbed for the last half mile to the Spyglass entrance. Enjoy your hike and enjoy the tacos, residents!


Camp in cooler weather at Krause Springs


In the rest of the country, people camp during the summer months. Down here in Texas, we save the camping trips for late fall and winter. It’s hard to sleep when you’re hot, but it’s easy to enjoy a weekend of camping when you can enjoy 60-degree weather at Krause Springs. Located just outside of town, Krause Springs is a privately owned campsite and swimming hole that offers gorgeous creekside camping set ups. Next time you’re sure the weekend won’t bring rain, make plans to check this place out!


Those are all the outdoor activities we’ve got for you this week, residents! We’d like to take this time to thank those of you who have been coming back week after week to read all the latest brand new blogs from our apartment community, and we hope that you’ll continue to do so! While you wait for the next blog to go live on our website, be sure to get out there and enjoy some of these super popular outdoor activities and sights in the area around your South Congress apartments!


We’ll be back in a couple weeks with another brand new blog for our residents. If you feel like you learned something from this week’s post, please be sure to bookmark our blog page so you can enjoy easy access to it in a couple of weeks when our next post goes up live on the website. While you wait for that post to go live, you can stay informed about everything happening at Muse at SoCo by following our apartment community on social media! That way, you’ll always be in-the-know when it comes to upcoming resident events, special promotions and giveaways going on at the community of apartments on South Congress Austin residents choose for luxury living.

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